Various Forms of Web Hosting that Aspiring Reseller Panel Investors Should Know About

News 07:03 March 2023:

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Reseller hosting business has and is still catching the eyes of many entrepreneurs which comes as a no shock since business is booming in the reseller hosting as the demand for web hosting service is growing by the day.

Well, not all investors in reseller hosting business are web hosting professionals, which fortunately is not a basic requirement for them to invest and flourish in this business. However, an investor needs the most vital information pertaining to the product which he/she intends to invest into.

Part of that vital information pertains understanding the multiple forms of web hosting available. This will help you as an investor make a decision on the most appropriate form to invest in that will align with your goals.


Shared web hosting

Apart from being the most popular form of hosting, you can set things rolling with little to no budget at all. The main reason as to why this form of hosting is incredibly cheap is because you are sharing server resources with thousands of other sites. Basically, itís very suitable for beginners since itís simple and easy to use.

VPS hosting

Without getting into technical terms that will boggle your mind, VPS hosting entails the use of a technical process known as virtualization to create a virtual dedicated server. Though VPS still makes use of resources from various physical servers that are shared with other people, it gives users a much better access level to server resources. Which means overall performance of your site will be much better across the board.

Dedicated hosting

This form of hosting is most suitable for the website owner who is getting gigantic volumes of traffic. This is because, with dedicated hosting, a user buys the whole physical server. This increase the level of performance plus enormous storage space because you wonít be sharing the resources with other users. of cause comes at a cost higher compared to the other forms of hosting.

Cloud hosting

This form of hosting is still relatively new in the industry, but its popularity is already picking momentum. Something unique about this form is that the hardware used is entirely virtue and the whole of the hosting environment is in the cloud.

But these arenít the only reasons why itís gaining popularity. Other reasons include its billing terms whereby you only pay for the server resources you only use. Additionally, its reliability is exceptional. If for instance, a cloud server cluster happens to be functioning abnormally, your site is immediately moved to another server in the network. Lastly, its uptime is fantastic.

Managed WordPress hosting

As the name suggests, it entails offering hosting services for WordPress websites. The advantage of this form is that itís 100% optimized to operate on WordPress. This comes with several advantages like better security meaning you would experience no malware or hacking plus best performance guarantee from the technical team of WordPress experts who manages the servers for the clients and deal with all technical maintenance.

Commonly Asked Questions about Reseller Hosting Answered

Interest in web hosting industry has grown in the recent past particularly in the field of reseller hosting. This is due to the rising demand for web hosting services as many companies, either medium sized or large wants a website to help expand their customer reach. Entrepreneurs and business people looking for new ways to add on their income are wondering what it one may require to leverage on this growing need for web hosting services.

Here are answers to commonly asked questions on what you need to know to help you start and run your own reseller panel hosting company.


About reseller hosting

Simply put, reseller hosting business involves acquiring or renting hard drive space and bandwidth from a hosting provider which in turn can be provided to a third party at a profit. Whether you are a web designer looking for ways of making additional income or aspiring entrepreneur looking to start their own web hosting firm, reseller hosting can be a good option.

How does reseller hosting business work?

Itís an easy to start business and run. Basically, you will need to start by researching and selecting the best hosting company to provide you with the hard drive space and bandwidth. Then purchase the reseller hosting package that fits your business goals and objectives. So you may need to compare prices and services between several hosting firms to ensure once you settle on one of the firms you wonít be disappointed.

You will then need to design your own brand name with which your customers will identify you with. The next step is deciding the price at which you will sell the hosting packages to your customers and integrated the price and other details pertaining your company to the panel for reseller tool that is designed to ease your service delivery.

Do you need to be an expert in reseller hosting?

Not at all, this is probably one of the very few ventures that investors donít have to worry about maintenance. Once you buy your package, the maintenance workload will be handled by the service provider. Whether itís network infrastructure, server hardware, and security updates are the responsibility of the service provider.

So you need to do a bit of research before settling on a service provider to ensure that they donít fail you once your business kicks off.

Will your customers know itís you and not the hosting company?

This is a very sensitive question since you donít want your clients getting the notion that you are a middleman. You see, no one likes dealing with a middleman when they can easily reach the main provider. Luckily enough, you will be operating under your own banner, so your clients will believe itís you!

In the case of hiccups in the system, your hosting provider wonít address the issue directly to the clients but only through you. This is to ensure that under no circumstance will your customers know you are a panel reseller.

So getting started in reseller hosting is that easy. You only need to identify your target customers. Then look for a reliable hosting service provider, then following the above outlined steps, your business will be up and running and making more money for you.